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Creativity has always been one of my strongest assets and I'm privileged to be able to gain from helping others with my graphics.  I carefully select the clients I work with as I believe there should be a good relationship between a graphic artist and their client.  I'm fortunate to have had an incredible number of great experienced through working with all my clients over the past few years and I look forward to what lies ahead.

I am proud to be a veteran of the United States military.  I flew active duty for our US Air Force, and I wouldn't give that experience up for anything.  Being able to honor my country and give to such a cause was something I take great pride in.  My time serving in the military taught me many lessons, and a handful that transition directly into my work as a graphic artist.  I take pride in the speed and quality of all work I complete for my clients, and don't consider a project complete until my client is satisfied with the product I've provided.  Hopefully I'm able to help you!

Daniel Odle



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